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 All food tables decorated with theme colored linens and decorative theme props.



Mandarin Pancake Station
-with scallions and vegetables, cooked on site
and served with hoisin sauce-

Pot Stickers Station
-made on site, served with hot chili oil and rice vinegar-

Orange Pepper Chicken Strips Station
-grilled on site, served on rice-


Great Barrier Reef Shrimp Station
-succulent shrimp, grilled in butter, garlic, and herbs; with shell pasta-

Scallops Down Under
-scallops marinated in white wine, garlic, paprika;
with kiwi fruit, julienne sweet peppers, and flat bread-

Carpet-Bag Steak
-bite sized pieces of sirloin steak, frill-picked and served with oyster sauce-


Elaborate Tropical Fruit Display
-cascading among palm leaves, shells, and flowers; with coconut cream dip-

Vegetable and Shrimp Tempura Station
-dipped in tempura batter and cooked on site,
served with an Oriental dipping sauce-

Lime-Ginger Chicken Station
-boneless chicken medallions, marinated and
grilled on site, served with monkey bread-


Central Plains Ranch Steak Station
-thinly sliced lean beef, seasoned with mustard, red pepper,
Worcestershire, onions, and tomatoes;
grilled on site and served with soft sliced rolls-

Western Canadian Smoked Salmon
-tastefully garnished and served with crackers-

Gruyere and Canadian Bacon Puffs


Pad Thai Pasta
-vermicelli, fresh shrimp, scallions, cilantro,
peanuts, and spicy Thai dressing; stir-fried-

Tropical Fruit Salad
-an exotic assortment of seasonal tropical fruit;
with coconut and macadamia nuts-

Bangkok Fried Shrimp
-large pacific shrimp, breaded in coconut and
served with a sweet 'n sour sauce-


Cajun Roast Pork Loin
-coated in Cajun seasoning blend, roasted to juicy perfection,
served with crusty French rolls and spiced Au Jus-

Battered Catfish Nuggets and Jalapeño Hush Puppies
-served with two Cajun sauces-

Grilled Andoullie Sausage Pieces


Price List

Prices start at $17 per person.

All Prices are Based on Disposable Table Service
and are Subject to Tax and Service Charge

For the China & Wait Staff Service Package, please add $5 to the per-person menu pricing above.

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Jeannie 09/26/15
Dear Sara,

Wow, what a show! Such professional work with joy in each action. Thank you ever so much Top Hat. I had such a good time at my own party all due to your wonderful … read more
Mary Pope 06/06/16
Dear Nicolas and Sara,

Thank you so very much for taking care of my Dad's memorial reception. You two are truly caring, professional individuals. Everything was perfect. … read more
S.J. Peters 04/23/18
Nicholas, The comments I received were “amazing, what a wonderful variety, loved the presentation”. You and your team took all the stress off my shoulders and allowed me to … read more

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